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Telephone Interface [FER-4545]
Telephone Interface [FER-4545]
Telephone Interface [FER-4545]

Telephone Interface [FER-4545]

Controls the door entry system from the home telephone and diverts calls from the door to a mobile phone when not at home.

The telephone interface is the perfect complement for the door entry system. Installed in the home, it allows communication and door opening from any landline or wireless telephone.

It also works as a telephone dialler, so that it is possible to divert the call from the entry system through the telephone line to a programmed telephone number.

This application is very useful for private homes when the owner is away.

Features include:
  • Works with both 4+N and VDS installations
  • Audio level settings from the phone.
  • Remote access from an external line (protected by a PIN code), to all functions available to internal telephones: activation of the relay, programming, connection to the street panel, door open....etc.
  • Call forward. If there is no response from the internal telephones, it is forwarded to a second telephone when the first one does not answer.
  • Configurable time parameters.
  • Compatible with advanced telephone services (the use of * and #).
  • The use of pause in the external call number.
  • External signal of forward mode (open collector output)


FERMAX 4545 Brochure

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